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We believe words have power, and we love using that power to do good things in the world.

We understand the value of great design, and we appreciate the importance of a distinctive visual style.

We’re students of psychology, history, business, art, technology, and much more -
and we bring the sum of our knowledge to every project, for every client, to create and disseminate the best content in the world.

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Who we are

Alex Planes

Founder + CEO

  • accomplished entrepreneur and writer (finance and technology specialties)
  • bylined in more than 3,000 published articles (Motley Fool, AOL, USA Today, others)
  • cited in over a dozen books on finance and business
  • created $1 million+ ARR B2B resale business in 2015 (exit in 2017)
  • led content strategy for multiple brands (Amerifi, BCSM, Direct Aim, others)
  • has also worked as a fitness trainer
  • deaf (received cochlear implants in 2019)
  • enjoys cooking and reading
  • once raised a baby squirrel as a pet

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